My Declaration

I alter the reality of my sensations by means of a new aesthetics. Each of my paintings is not the reflection of the world - it is the world itself. In this world I place the sun, the moon, people, horses, the stars in the sky, patterns of carpets and crystals - the manifestations of abundant life are pulsating from my canvases. My painting is a unique image, an uninterrupted sound of music, similar to that of Bach. In the grotesqueness and tenderness of polyphony, monstrosity and radiance, I unwrap the phantasmagoria of existence, in which the counterpoints of Good and Evil are at play. Color is the quintessence of my ethic and aesthetic concepts and Light is their basis. I flood the Universe with my colors, 1 weep and I am in raptures while listening to the cacophony of my creations. By over-saturating my colors and images I overwhelm the Space. I put one painting on top of the other - a heap on top of the heap. I revitalize the spirit of Titian. I was born on the land of Absheron, but I ascended beyond it with my creativity. I traveled high to the lands of Eskimos and the African continent where the winds of the Gulf Stream and the Pacific Ocean collide.


Parting Words

Dissolved in color,
I shall escape far into cosmos,
I shall become a roaming star,
I shall become a ray of spectrum.

Javad Mirjavadov

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