About Absheron
1974 50x70 1971 100x100 1974 Jerald Hofer's private collection  
Abduction Whirlwind Dance Party
1968 100x100 1971 60x80 1972 50x70  
1969 Vallowing horse 60x80 bumaga tempera 1979 Vallowing horse 80x80 bumaga tempera    
1967 Beasts of prey 90x130 1972 Sacrifice 60x80 1973 70x75  
1968 At the Thresh -floor 90x100 State Musium of Oriental Art -Moscow 1970 Mass murder by gun-fire 200x180 1972 Dwarf holding a candle 150x100 1972 Fire (Arthur Miller's private collection) 180x200 v
1977 The Zoroastrian Priestess 170x200 1978 Occupation 250x200 1980 Pranks of the Devil 220x240 1982 Den 180x260
1982 The Last Supper 160x220 private collection Vladimir Aituganov USA 1982 The light of hope 200x250 1983 a Gay Kind Guy 160x170 1984 Elul 160x180
1984 Tamas (The one who is awake) 250x180      
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